Melissa Noriego currently holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art and a Minor in Philanthropic Leadership from Fresno State University, California. She works as a Teaching Artist with Madera Arts Council and interns at Focus Forward; both are community benefit organizations, serving youth in California’s Central Valley.

She maintains a home studio, where she cultivates her drawing and painting practice and offers private and group art lessons. She plans to extend her services to art excursions so that Central Valley youth can get a taste of the strong cultural arts in the community. She is interested in consulting with Community Benefit organizations to improve capacity and sustainability, so they are better able to fulfill their missions.

Areas of Interest

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Visual Art

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Teaching Artist

Melissa Noriego is offering private art lessons for individual youth or groups in her home studio or at an alternative location in the Central Valley and Foothill areas of Madera and Fresno Counties. She hopes to extend her arts programming to include art excursions in an attempt to increase youth exposure and connection to the arts in the Central Valley. She is currently working with Madera Arts Council to facilitate art workshops as a visiting artist in Madera County Public Schools.

She previously worked with St. Helen’s School in Fresno California as an art teacher with first through eighth grade students. Where she designed and implemented the visual arts curriculum around the idea of connectedness and equity among human populations. Projects integrated art history, anthropology, and contemporary issues where students were able to explore their own interests and experiment with various media and approaches in visual communication.

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CBO Professional

Melissa Noriego currently holds a Minor in Philanthropic Leadership from Fresno State University Fresno, California. During her time in the Humanics program at Fresno State she had the opportunity to assist and lead her colleagues and local Community Benefit Organizations in grant related endeavors such as, writing, research and grant making. She aided in facilitating an organizational capacity assessment for a well respected cultural arts center in the Central Valley. Later she lead a team to create a work plan to improve governance practices with the same organization.

She has special interest in Socially Responsible Investment strategies, Adaptive Reuse of Historical structures for housing, Arts programming development, LGBT advocacy, Feminist Issues, Immigrant Rights and Social Equity for ALL.